Types of ATMs (Automated Teller Machine)

🗄 TYPES OF ATM ( Automated Teller Machine )

🖨 White Label ATMs (WLAs): ATMs set up, owned and operated by non-banks (i.e NBFCs) are WLAs. Non-bank ATM operators are authorised under the Payment & Settlement Systems Act, 2007 by RBI.

🖨 Green Label ATMs – ATMs for agricultural transactions.

🖨 Orange label ATMs – ATMs used for share transactions.

🖨 Pink Label ATMs – ATMs that are meant only for women (ease their banking).

🖨 Yellow Label ATMs – ATMs meant for E-commerce facility.

🖨 Brown Label ATMs – ATMs that are outsourced by a bank to a third party (based on the concept of sharing the cost).

🖨 Biometric ATMs – These are ATMs that use security features like fingerprint scanner and eye scanner of the customer to access the bank details.

🖨 Onsite ATMs – ATMs that are located inside the bank’s premises.

🖨 Offsite ATMs- ATMs that are located in various places except inside the bank’s premises.

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