Frequent Doubts Regarding IBPS PO, Clerk, RRB PO, SBI PO, SBI Clerk Prelims and Mains Preparation.


Dear Aspirants,

Many people are still struggling with their mains preparation..i am covering some more probable doubts..

NB : Bit lengthy Post..but highly important..Read it whenever you get time 👍

1) How to improve performance in mains and how to analyse it ?

=> Although i often suggest to look for percentile while analysing ur mock..
but in mains mock percentile analysis sometimes doesn’t work.
Biggest reason is..kafi log mock ko submit karke dete usse apki hi rank improve hogi
and despite getting low score..apka percentile acha rahega..
to ye proper picture nai de pata h..

Apke mock m bhi ye possible ho sakta
you have scored 22/200
but still percentile is 75..

So best thing is to analyse accuracy..

Ur first target in any mains mock should be to improve ur accuracy
overall + section wise..

aap abhi ye bhul jao ki aap har section m kitne attempt kar rhae ho..

eg Quant m agar aap sirf 5 question attempt kar pa rahe ho..koi baat nai
aap ka target hona chaiye pure 5 sahi ho
accuracy 100%

Kafi Mains exams m speed koi bada issue nai hota..
But agar aap clerical mains de rahe waha speed picture m aajati h..
Lkn agar aap mains level question m struggle kar rahe abhi speed / clerical mains ka aap mat socho..
PO level mains mock and questions par focus karne se clerical mains m automatically improvement milega ( atleast level point of view me ).

2) Finding it hard to solve mains level questions.
Which testseries suits best..?

=> Mains ka level itna unpredictable h chahe PO ka ho ya Clerk ka..usme aap exam level test series kaise search kar sakte ho.
I agree that Mocks already exam level se 1 ya 2 notch upar hi rakhte h isme problem I think nai hona chaiye apko.
Agar confidence boost nai ho pa raha
Tough level kch mocks submit karke do aap..time ka pressure..marks/rank/percentile ka pressure chala jayega..
Thoda mains level ke groove m jao..
Uske bad Gradually timer based mains mock par aana..
But in current context ; I am seeing that jo log mains prep kar rahe h kafi impatient ho rahe h.. regarding their improvement.
Although phla mains sbi clerk hi hoga..but usme bhi time h abhi..
So don’t panic.

But to complaint that level of mock is higher and to ask which test series is according to exam level is not justified acc to me specially when you have started mains preparation.

Jo bhi level test series m mil raha h lagao aap use..
At the end ye sab aapki help karnge exam m jab aap questions pick karke solve karoge.

3) Taking too much time while analysing Mains Mock.

=> First of all aap panic kyu kar rahe ho agar analysis m time lag raha h.
Ye prelims ka mock nai h..mains mock h time lagega hi obvious h ye..
Always induce patience while analysing mains mock whether clerical or po.

Agar apko ye lag raha h Ki analysis m tym lag raha aapke back of the mind m ye definetly kahi na kahi chal raha h Ki main jyada mocks nai de paunga.
Specially mains prep m no of Mocks ka target nai rakho aap.
Mock deke unka analysis acha karo aap wo jyada important h.
Abhi koi bhi mains hone m time h ( not talking about regulatory exams ) Till that time agar aap 10-12 mock bhi de pate ho..koi bat nai
Focus more on analysis part.

4) What are the benefits of giving hard level mains mock..? and What are safe attempts for xyz section..?

=> First of all understand the objective of practicing hard mains level mock or to solve any mock by submitting them.
You are not enhancing speed here..
You are developing your concept and your understanding for different types of mains level questions..
You are developing your ability to choose questions which is sometimes difficult to achieve when you give mains mock being timer based.

So it is very much necessary for you to have variations while attempting Mocks.
You should give timer based mains mock as well so as to be flow with the management of speed and you should also give certain kind of Mocks ( IBPS PO and SBI PO ) by submitting them and solve each and every questions.

Regarding safe attempts and previos year questions trend..but acc to me when we talk about mains..don’t try to see attempts
..level of uncertainty is always quite high.
You can’t predict anything in prior.
Better to prepare as many as types of questions as you can..
Be it tough easy or irrevelant..not because you have to solve each of them in exam but to know which type of ques ” you have to leave in exam “
That is nothing but art of selecting questions which is very crucial.

So instead of seeing your marks in mocks.. try to focus more on ur understanding part..gradually everything will come on track..
Have patience while preparing for mains.

5) It is taking too long to solve mains level questions..!!

=> Atleast try not to give up quickly like we normally do while prelims preparation.
Got stuck in a question ; spent few minutes and post that ques in any group or asking it from any of ur friend.
Point is giving ur 100% to a particular ques.
Giving Up on a question is quite normal while practicing mains level question and that’s where mistake is done by most of the people.. although giving up on a question quickly is not recommended in prelims prep Also..but atlaest don’t do that in mains.

It’s not about puzzle or any DI.
Be it any ques after completing ur test while analysis give ur best.
Try different things to that ques ‘by urself only’

If it is not happening leave it and try other ques.
Again come back to that puzzle/DI after few hours or next day and try it again.
Solving a ques by ur own will bring back ur lost morale and will increase ur self confidence to next level.
Always remember to ask a question to urself that have u given ur best to a particular question before seeing solution of mock or taking help from others.



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