Letter Writing Format

Formal & Informal

How to make a cover letter

  1. Start inspiredLaunch Canva and search for “Cover Letters” to find ideas that you can suit to a theme or style you have in mind.
  2. Select a designPick a free template that fits your idea or the recipient of your cover letter and job application. Skim through our premade designs and choose from different formats and styles, or one that matches a resume template you’ve used in Canva. You can also start from scratch with a blank layout.
  3. Personalize your messageEdit the design in our intuitive editor. Tweak the elements within the layout like picking a different font, adding small icons, or adjusting the color scheme. More importantly, don’t forget the message of your cover letter.
  4. Discover featuresSee our extensive stock library to select graphic elements that you can add to your cover letter. Use our free and premium icons, illustrations, shapes, and more to communicate your expertise and experience visually.
  5. Deliver your messageYou’re ready to get that job with a tailor-made professional cover letter. Save and download your design in a PDF file to share it online or print it high quality. Attach it to your resume, which you can also create within Canva.

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